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As with any business items come and go and sometimes they hang around just a little to long. All of these items are new unless otherwise stated. They are all listed by which branch has them in stock but these items are all manually put onto the website, we will do our best to ensure it is updated and when we run out of an item we will remove it but there may be times when we have run out and the item is still listed please except our appologies but the prices posted here are strictly for in stock inventory. The items can be purchased from any branch just be sure to ask about the freight cost before ordering. We hope you find some fantastic deals and keep coming back there will be items added regularly.

Prince Albert

Item 0114509

9" tie on Wall wash mop head. Will fit most metal frames.

MSRP: $11.30     CLEAROUT: $7.85

Item 0177018

Fine sweep fibre is oil and solvent resistant and is flagged to help pick up fine dust and dirt particles on smooth floor surfaces. Safety orange fibre offers high visibility around construction equipment and forklifts. Bolt-on handle system (sold seperately) eliminates broken handles and loose or worn out threads and is reversible to encourage even wear on the fibres.

MSRP: $10.40   CLEAROUT: $7.50

Item 01500

Our cod-oil tanned natural chamois pulls water off surfaces with ease. This is the chamois used by professional car detailers or window cleaners everywhere. As this is a natural product, expect some variation in shape and size. Sizes given are approximate.

MSRP: $27.02    CLEAROUT: $17.95

Item 03G40300

Concentrated Acid bathroom cleaner designed for the toughest water stains. 2L container with foot valve.

MSRP: $37.38    CLEAROUT: $19.95

Many Items to create a Dyna Clean

Industry Standard! The Zep Dyna Clean System is built with years of service in mind. Exceptional filtering allows your solvent to clean for years rather than weeks. This Dyna Clean system is complete with a work light and all filters. Solvent is sold separately.

MSRP:  $2744.66  

CLEAROUT: $1500.00

Item 03G40900

Concentrated Mulberry fragrance. This 2L container can make you 72 Liters of working odor counteractant. Very pleasant fragrance.

MSRP: $53.52   CLEAROUT: $24.95


0592815 0r 0592825


Item - 113550COMP

Compostable 35x50 Garbage bags. 100 per case. 2 year shelf life, 5 year landfill life.

MSRP: $121.50   CLEAROUT: $75.00

Item 12922FM

Foaming trig sprayer. Have your cleaner last longer and have a better contact time by using foaming trig sprayers. Available in all 3 branches.

MSRP: $4.53   CLEAROUT: $2.79

Items: 18WBBL & 18WBBXL

Blue wide band mops designed to fit on Jaws style handle. Choose Large or X-Large while quantities last.

MSRP: $21.64   CLEAROUT: $14.95

Item - 22B270

Bobrick B-270 Surface Mounted feminine napkin disposal. Bring the image to a higher level utilizing Bobricks sleek modern design.


MSRP: $121.43   CLEAROUT: $75.00

Item: 2450400

Spilfyter's 4 ply scrim towel is virtually lintless, very absorbent with reinforced scrim so you can wring it out and use it over and over. 

MSRP: $143.31   CLEAROUT: $99.95


Item - 03312104

High impact, high temperature grease. Designed for applications where anti spatter is required.

MSRP: $15.22   CLEAROUT: $7.95

Some available in Prince Albert as well 

Item: 10357

Blue Lagoon is a power pack of Biological odor neutralizer and waste digester for Black and Grey water tanks. Great for motorhomes where spilling is potential. 8 per container

MSRP: $14.97   CLEAROUT: $8.95


Classic Dispenser dressed up in Chrome. Will take Singlefold towels or up to 600' rolled towels.

MSRP: $91.11   CLEAROUT: $69.95


Beautiful Rectangular Coir Mat. 24x39 fits most home doors and does a fantastic job of scraping the show before entering the house.

MSRP: $28.04   CLEAROUT: $19.95


Beautiful Arch Coir Mat. 24x39 fits most home doors and does a fantastic job of scraping the show before entering the house.

MSRP: $28.04   CLEAROUT: $19.95


1/4 fold Airlaid wipes are made of absorbent cellulose fibers and binders for additional strength. Medium-to-heavy-duty wipes. Industrial maintenance use. 12 packs of 75

MSRP: $74.41   CLEAROUT: $59.99



Need a wet dry vac?

Need a small pressure washer?

need an upholstery cleaner?

Need a bathroom cleaner?

How about having 2 chemicals dispensed for you while your doing these jobs?

The Clarke TFC 400 fills all of those shoes. Fantastic machine for an auto detail shop or any large facility. This will clean your facility faster than you can imagine.

 NEW: $6693.00   USED: $2500.00